when I look into your eyes


	when I look into your eyes
I see
nothing left
of me,
but it’s okay
we’ve had great days
times worth living
adventure on the high seas,
now the wind has changed
making things strange,
we can still fly
why choose any pain ?
it’s just a bit of rain
life has magic tracks
stay on ‘em, I say
don’t look back
except to smile
we still have today
keep walking all the while
there is always bliss
along the next mile
I will miss your kiss
but life is not made that way
don’t look back too far, 
this I’ve gotta say
for what’s the good
if we can’t just play on
we were more than mimes
we had our time
oh how sublime being in you
as we were building bridges
for the next reason and rhyme
you were my sweet
helping make me more complete,
finding my way
one more day
but the parts and bits
keep moving my feet of clay
I walking on now
I’m on the clouds right now
I’m floating away somehow
I’ve gotta be
where I’ve gotta go
you know it too
don’t be afraid to look
even though I don’t know
it’s somewhere else from here
it’s not that place I wanted to see
only a place I can feel is real
when I look into your eyes
I see
 no more reflections of me

    ~ j.b.
	Sept. 7, 2011
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Artist:  Joe Slam™

Author:  Joseph Borkovic

Album: Project Man,

    the Apocalypse - Book 1

Track:  01 of 28

Recorded:  January, 2012


   Old Growth Music

At:  Salt Spring Island,

    British Columbia

Engineer & Musician:    

    Daryl Chonka

Favourite Moment:

    Ravens cooing outside

Favorite Food: 

    fresh wild strawberries

Favourite Quotes:

‘If this isn’t nice, what is?’

    Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. dancing together in the morning, before talking

  2. yelling out, ‘Joe, are you there ?’ and awaiting the answer to come back ... “Yes, I am here !’

  3. a perfect sharing - a moment you know, that you catch, when you are with someone you love... and they catch it with you - the sharing and realization that you are both within that moment


when I look into your eyes - words

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